Accountability Board

The purpose of the Accountability Board is threefold:

  • to support the PCC in exercising the statutory duties in holding the Chief Constable to account;
  • to support the PCC in developing strategic financial plans;
  • to act as the strategic authority for transformational programmes.

Terms of reference

The business of the Board will cover:

  • A focus on areas of concern in performance and service delivery, at a strategic level;
  • Agreement and ‘sign off’ in respect of proposals for the design of transformation programmes and activity, including issues of strategic financing and resourcing (the delivery and governance of those programmes will then pass to the Transformation Board chaired by the DCC, once agreed);
  • Overview and assurance at a strategic level in respect of the progression of transformation, and within that specifically on the delivery of agreed transformation programmes (this Board is not formally part of the governance of the individual agreed programmes, the role of this Board will be to focus at a strategic level on issues where programmes are in exception in terms of delivery);
  • Discussions between force and OPCC in respect of strategic budget setting, medium term financial planning, and key strategic investment decisions;
  • Overview and discussion of collaborative and partnering activity, providing assurance that such arrangements are adequately governed and are delivering;
  • Discuss OPCC-led initiatives where they impact on the wider transformation of the Force;
  • Strategic consideration of key identified corporate level risks (for force and OPCC);
  • Strategic consideration relating to PCC scrutiny activity.


Members of the Accountability Board are as follows:

  • Police and Crime Commissioner (Chair);
  • From the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner: Chief Executive (Deputy Chair); Assistant Chief Executive; Director of Governance, Resources and Transformation; Minute-taker;
  • From Northamptonshire Police: Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable, Assistant Chief Constable; S151 Officer

Meetings and minutes

Accountability Board meetings will normally be held monthly and will be called and arranged by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.