Live: 2016 Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

Counting has now finished at Kettering Conference Centre to determine who will be elected as Northamptonshire’s second Police and Crime Commissioner, following the public vote on Thursday, 5th May.

First round result

  • Stephen Mold (Conservative) – 46,785 / 40.5%
  • Kevin McKeever (Labour) – 41,015 / 35.5%
  • Sam Watts (UKIP) – 27,708 / 23.9%

As a result of no candidate receiving more than 50% of the vote, counting progressed to a second round.

In the Alternative Voting (AV) system, if no candidate polls more than 50%, all other candidates aside from the top scoring two from round one are eliminated, and their votes are reviewed to take in to account voters’ second preference votes, which are then attributed accordingly to the top two candidates in order to determine the winner.

Second round result

Kevin McKeever: 49,161
Stephen Mold: 58,175

Stephen Mold is elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire