Protecting Frontline Numbers

We understand how important frontline police officers are to helping us make Northamptonshire safer.

Figures released by the Home Office in February 2016 revealed that Northamptonshire has seen the biggest rise in warranted police officers of any force in England and Wales since the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners in November 2012.

These statistics show that Northamptonshire is one of only three forces to increase or maintain both the number of full-time, frontline officers and Special Constables since 2012, and one of only five forces to increase the number of warranted officers in that time. Thirty-eight of 43 forces in England and Wales have seen a reduction in warranted officers during the same period.

With a 21% growth in warranted officers between September 2012 and September 2015, Northamptonshire’s increase in officer strength is significantly more than the next best performing force – Cambridgeshire – who totalled a 5% expansion over the same period, while all other increases were less than 1%.

We are also actively reducing the number of officers in Northamptonshire who are working in back-office roles and in supervisory ranks to ensure we have the maximum amount of frontline officers possible.

And we are enabling our frontline officers with better technology, so that those who are on duty can spend more time in the communities they serve, rather than back at the station completing paperwork.

To aid the work of full-time officers, Northamptonshire currently has the fifth-largest Special Constabulary in the country, who provide the equivalent support of an additional 75 full-time officers a year.