Safer Roads

When we ask people what is important to them, road safety, and in particular speeding, parking issues and the use of mobile phones while driving are high on their agendas.

The number of people injured and killed on our roads remains far too high. Every road death is a tragedy, and we want to see improved road safety with a sharp reduction in road casualties and better support for victims and their families when serious incidents do occur.

We are working hard with the County Council to improve the standards of roads and to improve problem areas. We are also working closely with communities to help reduce levels of speeding as part of the Northamptonshire Community Speed Watch, and to help reduce unsafe, illegal parking.

In  March 2016, the Police and Crime Commission for Northamptonshire approved a Crime and Disorder Reduction Grant of £67,925 to Northamptonshire County Council to enable Operation Fix It, which will see the Office work with the Council to help reduce speeding offences at several sites in the county.

As part of Operation Fix It, Northamptonshire County Council are consulting on implementing proposed speeding interventions at Creaton (Welford Road), Finedon (A6 Burton Road and A510 Wellingborough Road), Hackleton (Main Road), Kislingbury (Bugbrooke Road), Roade (London Road) and Collyweston, while further feasibility studies are also being worked on.

The partnership with the County Council builds on the work of the OPCC and Northamptonshire Police, who are investing in new technology such as mobile average speed camera systems and new camera vans equipped with night-time enforcement to address the dangers caused by speeding and inconsiderate drivers.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner also launched Voice: Road Harm in December, a new and extensive support service for victims of road-related trauma.

Our approach to road safety focuses on cultural and behavioural change for road users alongside design and enforcement. Each and every one of us using the county’s roads, as a driver, motorcyclist, pedal cyclist or pedestrian, shares the responsibility for making them safer for others to use as well as ourselves.

We are working hard with major partners to strengthen the Northamptonshire Safer Roads Alliance. This means moving away from the traditional lines between police, fire, health and local authorities to a model that addresses the issue holistically and fully engages communities in their responsibility to increase safety on our roads.

We are also seeking expert advice from organisations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the World Health Organisation, Brake, and RoadPeace, as well as sector experts and academics, in order to deliver the safest roads possible for Northamptonshire.