Safest Generation

In setting out to make Northamptonshire safer, one of the Police and Crime Commission’s top priorities has been to create the Safest Generation of children and young people.

This work is about taking our heart and passion to change lives for the better towards action. We don’t want to repeat more generational cycles simply being observers and ‘fire fighters’ with the reactive attitudes. We want to understand how to change a generation and the next generation. To be able to do this, we need to understand more.

We have therefore embarked on a programme of work to protect children through tackling child sexual exploitation and increasing online safety, and reducing youth crime to ensure children and young people are kept out of the criminal justice system.

We know that youth offending is often a symptom of negative life experiences of not growing up in a safe environment, which drastically affects young people’s life chances and ability to achieve their potential. We recognise therefore that to take a generation out of crime, we need to create the Safest Generation.

The Police and Crime Commission has published the Safest Generation Document, that outlines how his Office will work with the police and key partner agencies to protect Northamptonshire’s children and young people to ensure they are able to thrive.