Officer strength

  • 1,220 – the size of the frontline police force in Northamptonshire, a number that hasn’t changed in Adam Simmonds term as Police and Crime Commissioner
  • 718 – As of March 2016, Northamptonshire’s Special Constabulary has over 700 officers
  • 140,000+ – the total amount of hours expected to be contributed by the Special Constabulary in 2016
  • 300+ – the amount of cadets added since November 2012, giving a total of over 400 emergency service cadets in Northamptonshire


  • 10% – the reduction in overall crime since November 2012
  • 2,500 – there are now 2,500 fewer victims of crime per annum as a result of the drop in crime levels
  • 20% – the decline in acquisition crime such a burglary since November 2012
  • 12.5% – the decline in serious acquisitive, drug-related crime since November 2012
  • 600 – the drop in the number of victims of burglary and theft of motor vehicles by per year since the creation of the Office of Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner
  • 50 – the reduction in the number of deaths or serious injuries on our roads each year


  • 25,000+ – the total number of people we have directly engaged with on consultations since 2012
  • 13,000 – we surveyed 13,000 young people, parents and carers in March 2015 to assess how vulnerable they are online
  • 5,000 – the number of 12-18 year-olds we engaged with in November 2015 to understand issues they face in relationships
  • 1,000 – the number of victims of crime we spoke with – the biggest consultation of its kind in the UK – to deliver an improved support service
  • 100 – the amount of parishes former PCC Adam Simmonds visited in the summer of 2015 to understand the views and issues faced by people living in rural areas