Residents Panel

We feel that it’s important for residents to be able to give their views and be involved in issues that affect their lives.

Therefore, we’d like to invite to you to join the Northamptonshire Residents Panel. It is through this panel that we’ll contact you to take part in future consultation topics.

Northamton Residence Panel

The Northamptonshire Residents Panel consists of people aged 16 or over who live in Northamptonshire and who are willing to give their opinions on a range of issues and services in their local area. Being a member will give you a variety of opportunities for voicing your views and having an input on local matters that are important to you.

It’s up to each member which activities they wish to participate in and how much time they want to dedicate. This could include filling in surveys, or attending focus groups.

Your input is invaluable to us and shapes the way Northamptonshire is policed – click here to become a member today.