My Work Experience – John Connor Rowlatt

By John Connor Rowlatt

I’m a 17 year old who has recently undertaken a fortnight of work experience with the Police & Crime Commissioner’s office at Wooten hall. It has been a unique experience that I would gladly do again.

Over the 2 weeks I got to participate in a variety of environments and functions around police headquarters- one day I even got the opportunity to go to Thomas Becket Catholic School with the Public Involvement Manager, to meet the student council and discuss ways of promoting internet safety throughout the younger generations. I got to learn how the media team works and was provided with an insight to the goings on around the county’s police force. I did have the chance to attend the special constable attestation in the second week, which was very interesting- the ceremony where newly trained specials receive their warrants and give their oaths. Probably the most interesting though was getting to study the PCC’s plans for the future in great depth. I’ve also had many opportunities to talk to the commissioner himself, Adam Simmons, who is a pleasure to know; I even met the Chief Constable once.

It wasn’t all fun and games, as I spent days sifting through, analysing, and recording data from the dozens of various surveys and public awareness campaigns throughout Northamptonshire, or organising/shredding old files.

But in the end, and with the help of many cups of coffee, it was all over and well worth the whole experience.