Police and Crime Commissioner Cadet Blog – Ally Chang

By Ally Chang

Within my new and exciting role as the countries first ever Police and Crime Commissioner Cadet, I have been fortunate enough to have many valuable learning experiences that has given me in-depth insight to work of the Police and most importantly the Crime Commissioning Team. This has allowed me to understand all of the valuable work which goes into helping the wider community.

Highlights of the position so far has been attending a tour of the Criminal Justice Centre, followed by a visit along with Independent Custody Visitors to check on the welfare of the people in Police Custody. Also I have been able to attend an inspiring Karma Nivarna conference held at the Force Headquarters along with the community and other services regarding Forced Marriages, which raised awareness and identified the help available. Additionally I have accompanied Adam Simmonds to a Police and Crime Commissioning Road Safety day which was a public family event held at Silverstone Race Track that was educational and extremely fun.

Overall my position of being the Police and Crime Commissioners Cadet has enabled my knowledge of Northamptonshire Police to expand which has encouraged my career aspirations to pursue within the Police Force to continue to help the community.