Crime and Disorder Reduction Grants

Crime and Disorder Reduction Grants

The Police and Crime Commissioner believes that the most effective way to create a safer Northamptonshire is by communities helping themselves and each other through initiatives that reduce and prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in the county.

The Office of Police and Crime Commission has partnered with Northamptonshire Community Foundation (NCF) to create the Making Northamptonshire Safer Communities Fund and Foundation – which the PCC has provided £100,000-worth of funding to across 2017.

NCF is the county’s largest independent grant giving organisation and provides much needed and often life changing grants to some of the county’s most vulnerable and in need people. Since its inception in 2001, the Foundation has distributed £8.8 million to over 2,500 projects.

The Foundation will distribute grants on behalf of the Police and Crime Commission to help deliver a safer county.

To apply for a grant through the fund, please visit

Details of the grants awarded can be found here

Details of Crime and Disorder Grants for 2013/14 can be found here.

Details of Crime and Disorder Grants for 2014/15 can be found here.

Crime and Disorder Grants for 2015/16, are now administrated by the Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives. This meant Borough and District Councils were not funded directly, but any unspent funds from 2014/15 were rolled over to the next financial year. Any unspent or uncommitted funds were to be returned by September 2015. Details can be found here.