PEEL: Police efficiency 2016

Rating Good

As part of its annual inspections into police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy (PEEL), HMIC assesses the efficiency of police forces across England and Wales.

As with all public services, it is vital that the police service operates in a way that makes the most of all its available resources. Police forces need to make sure they understand the current demand for their services.

This is to make sure that they use all the resources available to them to fight all types of crime and to protect communities. Also, forces need to be looking to the future to understand how that demand may change and to plan where they need to invest extra resources or change the ways they operate so that the public can continue to receive the policing it expects and deserves.

Northamptonshire Police has been assessed as good in respect of the efficiency with which it keeps people safe and reduces crime. It is taking steps to understand current and future demand better and is developing tools to allow effective monitoring of changes in demand.

The force is developing its understanding of hidden demand. While it sets great store on the opportunities for savings and efficiencies from the use of ICT and closer collaboration with other forces, its future planning needs to be strengthened.

Download the 2016 HMIC Police Efficiency Report for Northamptonshire Police