PEEL: Police effectiveness (vulnerability) 2015

Rating Requires Improvement

As part of its annual inspections into police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy (PEEL), HMIC’s effectiveness programme assessed how well forces keep people safe and reduce crime. Within this programme, HMIC’s vulnerability inspection examined the overall question, ‘How effective are forces at protecting from harm those who are vulnerable, and supporting victims?’.

HMIC considered in depth how forces respond to and support missing and absent children and victims of domestic abuse, and assessed how well prepared forces are to respond to and safeguard children at risk of sexual exploitation.

Northamptonshire Police is trying to improve the service it provides in identifying vulnerable people and responding to them, so that the public can be confident that victims are well supported. However, there are still several areas where more improvement is needed to ensure the service is consistent and vulnerable people, particularly children, are kept safe. Given the scale of the challenge in this area and risk that is posed to some of the most vulnerable people overall, HMIC judges that the force requires improvement.

Download the 2015 HMIC Police Effectiveness (Vulnerability) Report for Northamptonshire Police

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