Influencing National Agendas

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is keen to support national policing agendas and inform and influence national debates on the future of policing and criminal justice.

PCC  Stephen Mold will:

Highlight good work

The Commissioner believes a key part of his role is to highlight the good work that is ongoing in Northamptonshire at a national level, both to develop our national lead on various aspects, but also to lobby the Government for changes and funding that will make a difference to the safety of Northamptonshire.

Lobby for changes

Mr Mold is working with colleagues in the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) to ensure that Government hears a collective voice in order to utilise the strength of the PCCs to lobby collectively for change that is beneficial to all our localities. He is seeking to influence national policy through this approach.

Commissioner Mold also intends to engage with the Government, in particular the Home Office and Ministry of Justice, to put forward Northamptonshire’s case for change, at every opportunity.

Seek to bring in additional funding

The PCC is hoping to bring additional funding to the county through the Government’s Transformation Fund. Commissioner Mold intends to influence decisions over the use of the Fund through the Police Reform and Transformation Board so that people in Northamptonshire benefit from the funding at every opportunity.

News: PCC announces £600,000 government grant to protect victims of abuse

Listen to inspectors to ensure the force is efficient and effective.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) inspect police forces on a range of subjects and their judgements of Northamptonshire Police will inform the Commissioner on the efficiency, effectiveness and leadership that the Force has in place.

Mr Mold is working constructively with HMIC to ensure that residents in Northamptonshire get the very best police service.

Support threats to national security by providing Northamptonshire resources

The Home Secretary produces a Strategic Policing Requirement which outlines the resources and capabilities that are required for the county to support any national efforts to prevent and deter threats to national security.

The Commissioner has a statutory duty to have regard to this and will continue to ensure that Northamptonshire can contribute to the national agenda with appropriate levels of resourcing whenever required.

Current national roles

College of Policing

In early 2018, Stephen joined the board of the College of Policing.

Through this important national role Stephen is able to shape the development, training and leadership of the future within policing, not just for the benefit of Northamptonshire but more broadly for policing across the country.

Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC)

Commissioner Mold leads on ‘standards in policing’ for the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), which is heavily linked to his role on the College of Policing Board.

Through this role, Stephen helps to ensure that the standards that the public expect of their police forces are upheld and that increasingly the best evidence practice is delivered in policing. It means he is exposed to that best practice and is able to bring it back to Northamptonshire for local implementation.

Police ICT Company

Having placed technology, online safety and data sharing at heart of his Police and Crime Plan – with the aim to bring policing forward to match private industry’s technological innovation – Stephen now sits on the Police ICT Company’s board, where he is championing local best practice for Northamptonshire.

This work is also enabling Northamptonshire to be at the forefront of national developments.

National Police Air Service

Acting as the Police and Crome Commissioner representative with the National Police Air Service, Stephen is helping to ensure that helicopter provision remains adequate across the country.

National Enabling Programme

Stephen is on the board of the National Enabling Programme, which amongst other things is seeking to strengthen the response of policing in the UK to cyber crime.