Welcome to the new website!

By Adam Simmonds

It gives me huge pleasure to write these words and launch the new Office of Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner website.

As PCC, I want to connect and engage with local people and communicate the work that my team and I are completing on your behalf to shape the policing services that we all rely on.

Our new website will help us do exactly that. It has been designed to allow for easier access to information about all areas of our work, to show what the Office is achieving for the people of Northamptonshire and also to enable you to tell us what you’re thinking and how we can help you, as well as giving everyone the chance to ask us any questions they may have about our work.

I hope you will take a look around the site to see what my team and I are delivering for Northamptonshire. This information is all contained in the Our Work section, but as a brief overview of some of the highlights since we began service in 2012:

  • We have implemented a brand new victim’s service, ‘Voice’, that provides end-to-end support for victims across the country, available at any stage of the criminal justice process at a time that suits the victim
  • Together with the University of Northampton we have founded the Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice, which brings together cutting-edge academic research and evidence with practice, training and development to build better public service
  • We are on course to expand our Special Constabulary to 900 by the time I leave Office in May. Specials are fundamental to reducing the fear of crime and putting a visible policing presence back into our towns and villages, and I’m delighted with the amount of people who have signed-up to serve as part of Northamptonshire Police

The job of the PCC is relatively new in political terms but the work that needs to be undertaken on behalf of those without a voice or a champion is not. I see it as an absolute honour to work for all 700,000 people, of all ages and so many communities, within Northamptonshire.

The most important thing that a Commissioner can do is to listen and then act, and I hope this website will facilitate our ability to do that for for you, your family, friends and community.

One of our new initiates within the site is the Ask Adam page, where you can put a question to myself or any of the team about the work we’re doing. Please do make use of this and put whatever is on your mind to us – we’re here to help!

I look forward to hearing from and speaking with as many of you as possible in due course.