Our Priorities

The ultimate goal of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is to make Northamptonshire safer.

Our definition of a Northamptonshire is where:

  • Anti‐social behaviour is not tolerated or excused and people look out for each other
  • Northamptonians feel protected, served by a police force that is the brightest and best in the country and that operates with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity while being highly accessible and visible in all of our communities
  • Those at risk of offending are given options and opportunities to steer them away from a life of crime so they can lead productive and fulfilling lives
  • The criminal justice system works for the law-abiding, and those who do offend face the consequences of swift justice, are effectively managed and rehabilitated as the norm, not the exception
  • Our communities are safe and feel safe, with levels of crime among the lowest in the country
  • Victims are treated with compassion and empathy, receiving the highest standards of care and support whenever and however they need it
  • The most vulnerable people in our communities, such as children, young people and vulnerable adults, are protected from harm through robust safeguarding arrangements
  • Those who work in criminal justice and community safety and protect the public are responsive and exhibit the highest standards of integrity, skill and professionalism at all times

In order to achieve our goals, the Police and Crime Commission has set out the following priorities of work:

These all fit with the 2014-2017 Police and Crime Plan.

The ways in which we are tackling these can be viewed in the Our Work section. Alternatively, click on each priority above for an overview of the work we are carrying out in each area.