Increasing Public Safety and Confidence

We are determined to create an environment where people feel safe and protected by a visible police force that is the brightest and the best in the country.

Police visibility

In order to make Northamptonshire safer, we are focussed on building a more visible police force and robustly and intelligently tackling crime and anti‐social behaviour to create a secure place to work and live.

The number of full-time, paid police officers in the county has been maintained at 1,220 since 2012, something the Police and Crime Commissioner is intent on maintaining. This has been in marked contrast to many forces where numbers have been cut, in some cases drastically.

We have delivered the biggest increase seen anywhere in modern times of the Special Constabulary, more than trebling Northamptonshire’s total number of Special Constables to a constabulary of nearly 800. This bold ambition is changing the way Special Constables are trained, deployed and integrated within Northamptonshire Police.

We are also making best use of volunteers’ specialist skills and knowledge in areas where they can make a significant difference, such as in preventing and detecting fraud and cyber‐crime.

Policing in rural areas

The Office of Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner has developed Rural Action, where countryside communities tackle problems with the support of the police, emergency services and other partners.

Via the Special Constabulary, we lso launched a further dynamic approach to problem solving with the creation of Parish Constables, who work closely with parish and town councils in their local communities and who are the lynchpin of community policing, particularly in rural areas.

Stop and Search reform

The Office of Police and Crime Commissioner and Northamptonshire Police continue to lead the way on reforming the use of Stop and Search powers – a tactic than can be extremely powerful in preventing crime but extremely divisive when used incorrectly.

As a result of our extensive work in this area – which has seen us consult thousands of people in the county and commission two separate independent reports in to the effect of the use of Stop and Search powers on communities – Northamptonshire Police were awarded the international Daniel Wagman Award in 2015, for commitment to managing social diversity.

View our dedicated Stop and Search page to read more about how we remain committed to building confidence in the police and criminal justice service through better use of Stop and Search powers.

Increasing efficiency

We are improving technology and reducing bureaucracy to allow frontline officers to spend more time in the communities they serve rather than filling in paperwork in police stations. Through closer working with partners, we are also striving to deliver non‐policing emergency services that free-up resources to respond to traditional policing priority areas such as fighting crime.

Crucially though, we cannot sit back and expect the police to deliver this ambition by itself. It requires a collective effort from everyone in Northamptonshire.

We cannot at the same time fail to change the way we do things and the way we tackle our problems. Achieving our many ambitions will require courage and a collective commitment and energy to break down familiar and historic barriers of how we operate and interact within the criminal justice system, with victims and with offenders.

Delivering transformational change is not easy, but we are determined to create a Northamptonshire that feels safe, secure and protected.

View the video below to see some of the work we are undertaking in this area: