Preventing Crime

At the heart of our goal of making Northamptonshire safer is the need to prevent as many crimes as possible. In order to help do this, the Police and Crime Commission has protected the number of frontline police officers at 1,220 since November 2012, and has added hundreds of warranted Officers to the Special Constabulary.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is proud to have seen a reduction in the number of victims of crime by 2,500 per year since November 2012. During this time, we have also overseen decreases of:

  • 50% in serious violent crime;
  • 1,000 fewer victims of serious acquisitive, drug-related crime;
  • 10% in anti-social behaviour; and
  • 600 less victims of burglary and theft of motor vehicles.

Read our plan to create the Safest Generation, here.

Reducing violent crime

Alcohol remains a significant contributory factor to violent crime but as a Home Office-sponsored Local Authority Action Area, we are making significant progress in tackling this issue in Northamptonshire.

We have developed original approaches to combatting alcohol-related violence, such as leading the way nationally in our use of alcohol detection tags to monitor and manage offenders – work that we hope will see Northamptonshire become a national pilot area for the initiative in the near future.

Tackling anti-social behaviour

Through innovative funding solutions, we are ensuring a more responsive, joined-up approach to tackling the blight of anti-social behaviour.

We are committed to ensuring that the powers available to authorities are used effectively and at the earliest opportunity. This includes identifying and intervening early with those who are exhibiting anti-social behaviour.

Our new one-stop-shop approach – currently in development – will provide the public with a single contact point for authorities dealing with anti-social behaviour, ensuring a more efficient and simple process.

Eradicating drug use

Drugs are a scourge on society and cost our county millions of pounds each year. We are determined to win the war on drug-related crime, and we continue to review and strengthen our criminal justice interventions provided by the county’s Integrated Offender Management approach to effectively manage and rehabilitate offenders.

Former Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds, alongside the then Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, created the Organised Crime and Drugs Team in November 2012 to fight drug-related crime in the county.

Led by a detective inspector and supported by a further 10 detectives, the unit has an exclusive focus on serious, organised and drug crime in the county. The success of this team was highlighted by Northamptonshire Police’s biggest-ever operation to tackle illegal drugs in May 2015, which saw 46 people charged with 134 drug offences.

The Police and Crime Commission has also overseen a 12.5% reduction in serious acquisitive crime as a result of their work.

Project Redemption

Operating in areas of Northamptonshire with high levels of crime, Project Redemption engages with past and potential offenders of crimes where the impact on victims is significant, and seeks to prevent further offending.

The programme mentors past and potential offenders to turn their lives around and sees officers based at different locations, including Northampton Academy school, in order to further interactions with the local community.

Based on a successful model in Glasgow, Project Redemption will provide a sustainable reduction in offending by fulfilling our aim to create the safest generation.