Putting Victims First

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is committed to putting victims at the heart of the criminal justice service, and ensuring they have the support they need in order to recover and thrive following crimes committed against them.

Victims’ Voice

Our pioneering Voice for Victims and Witnesses service offers specialist help and support to victims and witness of crime, regardless of whether a crime has been reported to the police or not.

Initially developed following our ground‐breaking, nationally-recognised Victims’ Voice Report that was published in September 2013, Voice now incorporates Voice: Children and Young People and Voice: Road Harm – two specialists services designed to specifically support the different types of victimisation that occur.

Voice sees all partners working together collectively to deliver a service that puts the experience of the user first, to ensure that those who have entered the criminal justice system through no fault of their own are kept up to date and supported from start to finish.


Since the creation of the Office of Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012, we have directly engaged with over 25,000 people to understand their experiences and how they are at risk of becoming a victim of crime.

These include consultations of young people to understand issues in areas such as online safety, which saw us speak with 12,000 young people, and intimate relationships, which listened to the experiences of nearly 3,000 teenagers

Following this research, we have shaped our services accordingly to prevent further crimes of this nature, including investing an additional £1million in tackling child sexual exploitation.

Continual improvement

The OPCC has appointed the Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice to focus on increasing the knowledge of victims’ needs and developing better structures to better support people who have been victimised.

New approaches to seeking feedback on services provided by the police and across the criminal justice system are also being developed so that services can continually improve.