Northamptonshire Police Estates Strategy

The Office of Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) owns a range of buildings which are used by Northamptonshire Police for operational policing. A full list of buildings owned and occupied by the Police and Crime Commission can be viewed here.

Former Police and Crime Commissioner, Adam Simmonds, announced a proposed re-shaping of the land and buildings owned by the Commission to take forward opportunities to support more efficient and effective policing in the county during his time in power.

Following a public consultation on Mr Simmonds’ revised estates strategy, new plans were agreed in February 2016, which will ultimately lead to savings in annual running costs of buildings of £1.5m.

At the heart of these proposals was the decision to sell part of the Wootton Hall Park site, which currently houses Northamptonshire Police headquarters, which both the former Commissioner and Chief Constable Simon Edens have declared as being no longer fit for purpose.

Commissioner Simmonds agreed a phased exit plan from the current headquarters with Chief Constable Edens and consequently the site which currently houses the headquarters was sold to the government for £3.45million. They will use the land to establish a new free school to be built at Wootton Park.

The Commissioner will use the proceeds from the sale to help pay for new investment in the Police estates, including the new Northamptonshire Police Northern Accommodation Building and Police Investigation Centre, being built in the north of the county, just off the A43 next to the A6003 between Kettering and Corby. Construction work will be completed by spring 2017 and the new buildings will accommodate approximately 350 staff.

Decisions around the rest of the Wootton Hall Park site will be taken by the current Police and Crime Commissioner, Stephen Mold, in due course.