Protecting people from harm

Effective policing is about preventing crime – the best thing we can do for the public is to stop them becoming victims in the first place.

Northamptonshire Police’s mission is to Protect People from Harm. However this cannot be delivered solely by the Police.

In intervening early, preventing crime and the causes of crime, many other agencies and the wider society have roles to play.

Our areas of focus:

Working with multiple agencies to increase the confidence of domestic and sexual abuse survivors to report their abusers, by:

  • building campaigns to support victims of domestic abuse to report to the police;
  • ensuring that where domestic incidents occur that the response provided by the public sector reduces the impact and the likelihood of further incidents; and
  • developing operational plans to reduce the levels of rape in Northamptonshire.

Tackling modern slavery and human trafficking, through:

  • working with partners to develop strategies to identify and reduce all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking;
  • increasing awareness within communities of what modern slavery and trafficking looks like and how to report it; and
  • providing effective support to victims.

Tackling the causes of crime – drugs and alcohol – by working with:

  • Public Health to develop the interventions to people with drug and alcohol issues; and
  • a range of partners on both the night-time economy and on/off licence trade to address issues of alcohol related harm.

Reducing vulnerability and offending by addressing mental health issues, through work such as:

  • engaging the police workforce, victims and perpetrators to understand the issues with mental health to develop new approaches;
  • developing campaigns with partners to address different elements of harm; and
  • devising ways to support the Force to ensure officer wellbeing.

Ensuring the county continues to be prepared for responding to national and international threats

  • ensuring Northamptonshire meets the needs of the Strategic Policing Requirement and national Counter-Terrorism strategies; and
  • engaging widely with communities to ensure that the national counter terrorism strategy is delivered locally, building trust and confidence in all communities in the county.

Reducing the number of burglaries in the county by developing and delivering:

  • and delivering an ongoing burglary prevention and reduction campaign; o providing prevention advice through better use of technological and digital tools;
  • proactive operational policing to identify and tackle problem areas; and
  • a focus on the reduction of burglary repeat victimisation.

Increasing investment to tackle cyber-enabled crime

  • enhancing awareness and engagement approaches to reduce the likelihood of individuals and organisations becoming victims of cyber-enabled crime; and
  • seeking to increase the capability of the Force to respond to these types of crimes.

Read the five-year Police and Crime Plan in full.