Putting Victims at the Heart of Justice

We believe that the Criminal Justice System should be service-orientated, keeping victims of crime at the centre of all that it does.

Victims and witnesses of crime, anti-social behaviour and road traffic collisions deserve the very best treatment, service and outcomes possible to help them cope, recover and thrive.

Our areas of focus:

Improving services to victims of crime, by:

  • building on the existing victims services in the county;
  • engaging victims and witnesses to shape the services that are provided for them;
  • working with partners to ensure specialist services are provided for the most vulnerable (for example domestic or sexual abuse) or those who have experienced severe trauma;
  • ensuring that the Victims Code of Practice is built into how the police operate from the first point of contact onwards; and
  • ensuring every victim gets the opportunity to take part in a restorative justice approach.

Ensuring safe and swift justice, through:

  • working with criminal justice system partners to ensure that victims receive the best possible service and that fair trials are held as swiftly as possible; and
  • working with partners to rehabilitate offenders to reduce re-offending.

Read the five-year Police and Crime Plan in full.