Transformational Change

We are delivering a range of transformational programmes of work to improve frontline service delivery and capacity.

Happening in the background, most of these changes will not be seen by the public but are crucial to delivering the objectives of the five-year Police and Crime Plan.

Our areas of focus:

Improving and updating technology systems and applications to increase efficiency and interact with the public in new ways, by:

  • developing new ways to communicate and engage with the public;
  • increasing the use of cloud based services to share information;
  • further developing digital investigation and intelligence capture capability to maximise frontline police officer availability; and
  • reviewing the number of computerised systems in operation to determine their effectiveness/fitness for purpose and identify new opportunities.

Increasing data sharing across agencies to better target services to the needs of Northamptonshire people, through:

  • reorganising the way that departments share data to make sure that those making decisions are fully informed.

Investing in our buildings

Policing has changed hugely over the last 30 years and the buildings that the Northamptonshire force operates from need to change in line with modern practices. To do this, we are:

  • building the new Northern Accommodation Hub in Kettering which will provide much needed countywide custody facilities as well as office accommodation;
  • developing a comprehensive countywide estates strategy to ensure Northamptonshire Police is best located for the next 30 years; and
  • seeking opportunities to share estate and co-locate with partners.

News: PCC announces intention for Northamptonshire Police to stay at Wootton Hall

Collaborating with agencies

So that we can deliver the best services to the public we are:

  • leading work across organisations that will bring together services in new ways; and
  • breaking down traditional organisational boundaries to ensure the best interests of the public are served.

Integrating the emergency services

As a national leader of emergency service inter-working, we are working to further deepen the integration of the fire and rescue services. We are also:

  • Using the enabling legislation being brought forward by the Government to put together a business case for the governance of the Fire and Rescue Service to move from Northamptonshire County Council to the PCC; and
  • working closely with the ambulance service to ensure that wherever possible integration takes place across the three emergency services.

News: PCC meets with police and fire minister to discuss emergency service collaboration

Collaborating with other forces, by:

  • working with a range of other Forces to develop collaborative projects that deliver more efficient and effective services to people in Northamptonshire;
  • strengthening collaborations with Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire Police in areas where there is an economic and operational case to do so;
  • examining all opportunities for collaboration and ensuring that technology underpins any collaborative change; and
  • working towards developing a common IT infrastructure across Forces.

Ensuring value for money

Police and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold determines how to allocate and spend all funds for policing in Northamptonshire.

This includes how much to delegate to the Chief Constable and the role of holding the Chief Constable to account.

The commissioner’s medium term financial plan can be found here.

Enhancing engagement and consultation

Having more Northamptonshire people and businesses involved in our crime prevention campaigns and hearing about what matters to them is central to ensuring that everything we do is based on what our communities need.

To do this, we will:

  • ensure that we develop and deliver an engagement strategy that will include ensuring that we hear from hard to reach communities to shape services that we commission;
  • encourage the police to develop how they engage with the public in daily interactions; and
  • develop a Youth Commission to ensure that young people in the county are heard and influence future services.

Read the five-year Police and Crime Plan in full.