Victims’ Services – Voice

For more information on Voice and how it can support you, visit or call 0300 303 1965.

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Voice, our pioneering support service for victims and witnesses of crime, provides people with an integrated support service, up-to-date information from the police, court service or any other relevant external agency and ensures a seamless journey through the criminal justice system.

PrintNorthamptonshire was the first county to launch such a scheme and we are proud to be leading the way when it comes to supporting victims of crime.

The experience of victimisation is highly diverse, and we plan to continually engage with different groups of victims to seek feedback on services provided by the police and across the criminal justice system, so that we can continue to develop and improve these.

Since Voice was originally launched in 2014, we have added to the service through the creation of two new support streams.

Voice: Road Harm

PrintVoice: Road Harm is an extensive support service specifically designed to aid victims of road-related trauma. The resource provides assistance to both victims of distressing road-related incidents and their families, in order to help them recover from both the physical and psychological impact of their experiences.

Voice: Road Harm sees victims and their loved ones able to access support services including specialist face-to-face therapy by trained trauma care professionals and a telephone helpline providing emotional and practical support, and has been designed following feedback from previous service users.

Voice: Children and Young People

Voice: Children and Young People has been created to deliver specialist age-related support to youngsters in the county.

Print Young people have higher rates of victimisation than society as a whole across a number of types of crime, however they are also less likely to report these crimes to the police or anyone else deemed to be in a position of authority, including parents and teachers.

This enhanced support service is available to children and young people with or without referral, operating on a confidential basis, where information is only passed on to the police if consent is given.

Voice: Children and Young People also provides access to specialist therapeutic services, such as play therapy and psychotherapy.

My Voice interactive tool

In response to feedback from victims and witness of crime, we created the pioneering My Voice victims journey tool in 2016 – an interactive, step-by-step guide to the criminal justice system.

From reporting a crime to going to court, My Voice allows those with no prior knowledge of the criminal justice system or what happens once you have been a victim or witness of crime to walk through the process, to feel more comfortable and informed.

This was a first across the UK and has helped those affected by crime in Northamptonshire to feel more able to access support and report crimes to the police.

For more information on Voice and how it can support you, visit or call 0300 303 1965.

Service commissioning

The following documents outline the Police and Crime Commissioner’s intentions to commission services for Voice in 2017: