PCC believes police pay rise is well deserved – but thinks government should fund the increase

Following the announcement today regarding police officer pay rises, Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Stephen Mold said: 

“Our police officers and police staff in Northamptonshire do an incredible job, with some often putting their own lives at risk to keep us safe. The announcement of a pay increase for officers is certainly well-deserved and very welcome. All police personnel should be recognised and rewarded for their hard work. However, I am concerned about this being announced without the government explaining how this additional pay expenditure will be funded. Without further monies coming from the centre we will be left with a financial shortfall – which we cannot realistically sustain without a cut to front line services or by asking local people to pay more for their police service.

“The pay rise agreed for police officers means we will need to find almost three quarters of a million pounds extra in order to pay the Force wages bill. We simply do not have this available within our current finances.

“We need a fair funding formula for policing otherwise we will continue to see inequalities and forces will carry on experiencing underfunding. The funding formula for Northamptonshire has long been an issue which really needs to be addressed.

“Without central funds to meet this pay increase we would either need to make cuts to existing police services or alternatively hold a public referendum and ask council tax payers to pay much more on the police precept to cover the shortfall – which is not something I really want to do.

“I hope ministers recognise that although a wage rise is greatly supported we need to understand exactly how it’s being funded, as it cannot be delivered within existing budgets without very real risks to policing.”