PCC joins forces with local councils to support local refuges for victims of crime

Stephen Mold, Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire, has pledged to support local refuge centres for vulnerable people in the county by contributing towards a bridging loan in order to keep centres open while funding avenues are explored.

Local domestic abuse charities and refuge centres in the county, who have been operating with the use of governmental funding, have been left with a shortfall recently due to monies promised from the Department for Communities and Local Government not being released.

In order to ensure that these services remain available for residents of the county, the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner, along with Northamptonshire’s seven district councils and the County Council, has stepped in to contribute towards a bridging loan of £138,000 which will be used to plug financial gaps in the short-term.

Stephen Mold, Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire, said:

“I am committed to ensuring that we do everything we possibly can to protect vulnerable people and victims of crime, which is why I was happy to agree this bridging loan alongside our partners at the district and county councils, to ensure these crucial facilities remain able to support those in need of refuge.

“We are currently working with partners to look at more sustainable ways of funding facilities such as these so we are less reliant on governmental funding. Protecting vulnerable people remains one of our very highest priorities.”