PCCs encourage people to come together and celebrate Queen’s 90th birthday

Ahead of Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday tomorrow, Stephen Mold has joined four other Police and Crime Commissioner’s from neighbouring counties in encouraging people of all ages and cultures to join together to celebrate the event.

The East Midlands’ PCCs have joined the growing throng of public figures, organisations, local authorities, towns, cities and businesses from across the country saying ‘count us in’ to One Britain One Nation’s plans for a unified celebration on Friday June 10th.

As a mark of national concord, at 11am tomorrow, the nation is being encouraged to wish the Queen a very Happy Birthday by singing the National Anthem, Happy Birthday or simply by raising three cheers.

“This is a truly historic occasion which brings a great opportunity to wave our flag with pride,” said Nottinghamshire PCC Paddy Tipping.

The five Commissioners – Lord Willy Bach (Leicestershire), Stephen Mold (Northamptonshire), Marc Jones (Lincolnshire), Hardball Dhindsa (Derbyshire) and Paddy Tipping (Nottinghamshire) are supporting the One Britain One Nation Campaign which they hope will lead to people promoting community harmony on the Queen’s very special day.

Commissioner Mold added: “This is a fantastic chance for the whole of the UK to come together and celebrate our varied cultures which all come together under the Queen’s leadership.”

The One Britain One Nation Campaign was launched in Bradford at the end of January.  Its Chief Executive, Kash Singh – a former Inspector with West Yorkshire Police –  founded the British Indian Association, where he was responsible for bringing together thousands of people from diverse backgrounds.

Supported by actress Joanna Lumley, the campaign has inspired people and organisations across the nation to plan events that demonstrate a cohesive approach to community harmony.