Police and Crime Commission Hosts Joint Cyber Security Event at University of Northampton

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC), working in partnership with the University of Northampton and the Northamptonshire Growth Hub are hosting a free interactive Cyber Security Event at the University (Park Campus) on Friday 8th September.

The event is aimed at supporting local businesses, making them more aware of potential cyber threats and helping them raise their defences against the UKs fastest growing crime type.

The Federation of Small Business found that last year 66 percent of small businesses had been a victim of cyber-crime. In the last year alone there were 5.6million incidents of fraud and computer misuse in the UK, with best government estimates indicating that cyber-crime costs the UK £27billion a year.

Police and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold said: “I am really pleased that we are holding this joint event with our colleagues from the University and the Northamptonshire Growth Hub. Cyber-crime is the UKs fastest growing crime type and it is essential that we work together to help local businesses protect themselves against this emerging and serious threat.  

“I’m very keen to ensure that we’re pro-actively tackling online crime in all its forms and having spent a career in private business, I know how serious the threat of cyber-crime can be to the local economy.  

“It is an ever-evolving area that does not restrict itself to county boundaries and develops at great speed. I have provided Northamptonshire Police with additional resources to help tackle cyber-related crime and we’ve set up a Cyber Security Forum, however there is a lot that organisations can do themselves to help protect their business and reduce the threat. 

“It is essential that we take opportunities like this event to work collaboratively with other organisations to try and help businesses increase their knowledge about the cyber issues they may face and increase their awareness of cyber security. I’m sure delegates will get a lot from attending this event.”  

Delegates will be provided with a number of updates, as well as interactive sessions and workshops around how businesses can take steps to protect themselves. Topics covered include the national cyber threat landscape from the National Cyber Security Centre, the support available to organisations, self-help for organisations to test and prepare for cyber risks and cyber incident prevention and response.