Police Commissioner pays tribute to Northants Special Constables

Northamptonshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold has paid tribute to the Special Constables who regularly volunteer their time to support Northamptonshire Police.

He said:

“The Specials volunteering with the Force are doing a fantastic job. They are really committed individuals, giving up a significant amount of their time for their communities. I sincerely thank them for helping to make Northamptonshire safer. 

“I’ve always said that we want quality Specials supporting us in the county. People who are keen to commit to regular duties. I’m delighted that the Force has a Special Constabulary staffed by highly motivated, skilled individuals who are providing high quality assistance and support to our regular police officers and staff.

Special Constables are part-time, voluntary police officers with the same powers as fulltime regular police officers. This year, the Force in Northamptonshire has seen a rise in the number of hours Specials are volunteering. On average during 2017, Specials have each volunteered around 320 hours of their time to support policing. This equates to £2.1million of additional policing resource.

The number of Specials volunteering for Northamptonshire Police is currently 339 officers, with a further 18 currently going through the recruitment and vetting process. Several officers who were previously Specials have this year been recruited by the Force to join as fulltime regular police officers.

Chief Superintendent Mick Stamper said: 

“I’m very pleased the Police and Crime Commissioner has publically acknowledged the work of our Specials – they make a significant impact in Northamptonshire. We’ve recently changed our policing model to better meet demand and focus on new and emerging threats and our Specials are a key part of that new model.

“Specials are helping us every day by working within our neighbourhood and response teams as well as supporting targeted policing operations across the county. As part of the development of our new policing model we are also looking at their potential deployment with some of our specialist investigative teams.

“Specials have so far this year made more than 530 arrests and issued 439 traffic offence reports – they also regularly help us to gather intelligence. We are delighted to be working side by side with our volunteer colleagues. They are making a real difference in protecting people from harm.

“Aside from patrolling with regular officers and working on targeted policing operations, they are also helping us with crime prevention, supporting education and public safety campaigns.  Their contribution to the Force is vital and hugely valued.”

Many of the Specials volunteering in Northamptonshire have significant policing experience and are able to work independently. 35% now work independently in comparison to 22% last year.  Some policing operations are solely led by Specials. These volunteer officers come from a variety of diverse backgrounds and bring with them a range of abilities, life experience and language skills.

For more information about becoming a Special Constable with Northamptonshire Police visit www.northantspolicespecials.co.uk or contact the recruitment line 01604 439155.