Police Commissioner Praises Police 999 Call Handlers

Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold, has praised Northamptonshire Police for their consistently good response times when answering 999 calls.

The Force Control Room answers 90% of all 999 calls within 10 seconds and 80% of non-urgent 101 calls are answered within 30 seconds. In the last eighteen months the Northamptonshire Police Control Room has received more than 613,000 calls, of which 184,000 were 999 calls. In addition, the Force also provides a backup service for Leicestershire Police, answering their 999 calls when call volumes are high.

Stephen Mold said: “People calling 999 and 101 rightly deserve a good service when calling the police. The last thing you want when you call 999 is to be left waiting. I’m very pleased that here in Northamptonshire we are one of the best in the region for answering emergency calls promptly.

“We know there is huge pressure on control room staff across the country as call volumes rise and requests for help from the police increases. Officers and staff in Northamptonshire should be commended. They have worked really hard to successfully manage demand, prioritising calls and putting an effective triage system in place so that emergency calls are responded to quickly. Taking just 10 seconds to answer 90% of 999 calls is impressive.”

Chief Inspector Ashley Tuckley said: “We are very proud of our control room officers and staff, they work very hard in a stressful and pressurised environment. We aim to answer all calls into the control room as quickly as we can.  We have a triage system in place to ensure we are dealing with the most urgent calls as a priority.

“We are pleased that our response rate for emergency calls remains consistently good and we want this to continue. The public can help us by making sure they only dial 999 in an emergency.

“Calls to 101 are usually answered within 30 seconds, we also double check that these calls do not require an emergency response before we prioritise them. We try to deal with non urgent queries as promptly as we can so we don’t leave people hanging on the line for too long, however our priority will continue to be answering 999 calls as speedily as possible.”