Stephen Mold praises Northamptonshire Police following HMIC verdict

Stephen Mold, Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire, has praised the work of Northamptonshire Police following their move from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ in Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabularies’ (HMIC) PEEL efficiency report.

As part of its annual inspections into police efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy (PEEL), HMIC’s efficiency programme assessed how each police force in England and Wales maximises the outcomes from its available resources. HMIC reviewed both the financial and workforce planning of police forces whilst examining wider questions of cost, capacity and capability.

The inspection focused on the overall question, ‘How efficient is the force at keeping people safe and reducing crime?’ To answer this question HMIC looked at three areas:

  • How well do police forces understand their current and likely future demand?
  • How well do police forces use their resources to manage current demand?
  • How well are police forces planning for demand in the future?

Responding to Northamptonshire Police’s ‘Good’ rating, Commissioner Mold said:

“I’m delighted to see HMIC recognise Northamptonshire Police as an improving force and I’d like to congratulate Chief Constable Simon Edens and his team on achieving this rating. This is a hugely positive step for the Force and for Northamptonshire.

“I have recently appointed a new Director for Technology and Digital Transformation to work with Northamptonshire Police to produce a new ICT strategy, while work continues on a daily basis to finalise our estates strategy, so I am confident we are already working towards the two areas highlighted by HMIC in this report.

“This is a good baseline with which to now grow from as we look to reach the highest standards across policing and criminal justice in the county. Ahead of this journey I’d urge anyone who hasn’t yet given us their views on our proposed Police and Crime Plan to do so now at, to ensure their voices are heard as we move forward.”

Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Simon Edens, commented:

“I fully welcome this report and I believe that thorough inspections, with clear points of action, lead to better outcomes being achieved.

“We have a responsibility to use public money wisely in order to maximise the protection we can give to keep people from harm; and we take that responsibility very seriously.

“The results of this report were very positive for Northamptonshire Police but that does not mean we will be complacent about the future. We need to make sure we do not rest on our laurels and we continue to work hard and strive for the best positive level of protection and service to the public.

“We look forward to responding to HMIC’s recommendations. We have taken on board the comments they have made and we will react and respond to those judgements.”

Read Northamptonshire Police’s PEEL reports here.