Success for Safer Roads Special Constables

Northamptonshire Police Safer Roads Officer David Lee praised the role of Special Constables in policing after the Safer Roads Specials Team identified over 40 offences across a day’s policing of red routes in Northampton.

On duty as part of the second Fatal Four Operation of 2016, six double crewed cars patrolled danger spots in the town between 9am-5pm on Saturday, 23rd January, while also spending an hour to complete their Spectrum Van driving courses.

The Safer Roads Specials Team recorded the following offences across Wellingborough Road, Billing Road, Abington Park to York Road, Rushmere Road, Barrack Road, Kingsthrope Grove, Kettering Road and Towcester Road:

  • 7  seatbelt offences
  • 4 drivers using mobile phones while driving
  • 6 expired MOTs
  • 6 drivers driving without insurance
  • 2 drives driving without a valid licence
  • 1 dangerous passenger load – a child sat on his father’s lap in the back of a car
  • 1  driver was using his phone but unable to provide a satisfactory UK Address
  • 18 drivers were reported for not possessing road tax

David Lee, Northamptonshire Police Safer Roads Officer, said:

“The success of this operation really is a result of a team effort. We had a number of officer’s monitoring a dedicated channel for us in the control room while we also had support from CCTV controllers in order to direct us to possible offenders when needed.

“The success of the day really does show how effective and valuable the Special Constabulary are. Through their training and experience they were able to help us report over 40 offences which will go towards making Northamptonshire’s roads a safer environment.”